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Techkidz Africa is a technology academy nurturing curiosity in Children of ages 7 to 19 by training them on Robotics, Animation, Gaming, Coding, App & Web development, Creative design thinking, Online safety and 3D Printing.

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Tech kidz Academy

We are a Technology academy for children between 7 and 18 years. We expose kidz with curiosity in TECHNOLOGY to use their interests in constructive ways. We offer skills in software development, Robotics and character development.

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Young Innovators Magazine

Young Innovators Magazine is platform for young innovators to voice thier innovations, concerns and needs globaly as an inspiration and building a culture of innovating exposing bright minds to possible opportunities.

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Afribot is a modern educational robotic kit with DIY (Do It Yourself) capabilites of children learning through it anc creating robotic innovations prototypes. Designed for kids in Africa by Africans.

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What We Offer

Techkidz Africa empower children with powerful skills that help them design their own future through training them on core STEM fields.


We teach kids how to code and use their knowledge to develop real world mobile apps, websites and software solutions to real world problems.


Kids learn the science, engineering and technology used to program robots that replicate human actions. we provide robotics kits to enhance the learning process


Equiping kidz with how to skills to generate useful computer generated imagery.

Artificial Intelligence

Giving kidz the skills to make intelligent machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic thir actions.

Machine Learning

This module helps kidz apply their Artificial Intelligence skills to create systems that have the ability to learn and improve from experience without being progrmmed.

Creative design thinking

Engaging kidz in the creative problem solving. We encourage kidz to focus on the people they are creating for which leads to better products, services and solutions.

Online Safety and Cyber Security

We provide skill on how to keep safe online, protect your identity and computers from hackers as well as other malicious people and viruses.

Who can take this course

  • Kids and teenagers
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Care Givers

Education for Tomorrow's Leaders

Young people aren't the leaders of tomorrow. They are the leaders of today and tomorrow.

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About Us

Tech Kidz Africa is a blended online and offline STEM Academy that bridges the gap between first world countries exposure to STEM and third world countries in the modern time revolution of knowledge and skills capacity to the upcoming generation,


Empowering future innovations.


Improve young generation creativity and innovations in technology and increase engineering skill sets.


  • Professionalism
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Upholding standards and code of ethics
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Introducing children to technology at early stages breeds a culture of innovation

Tech Kidz Africa classes range from robotics to coding and churn out problem solvers


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Editech Award techkidz award

Makeit Africa

Tech Kidz Africa was selected amongst best 15 Edtech startups in East and Central Africa, incubated at Nailab and later Selected amongst 8 startups that represented Africa in Germany for CEBIT Innovation festival the biggest innovation festival in West Europe.

JGSVC Award techkidz africa award

GSVC Award

Tech Kidz Africa selected amongst 10 startups in Africa Using technology to impact the community for future preparation, finalist held at Rabat Morocco 2018. We were number three.

Make it Africa techkidz award

Editech Africa

Tech Kidz Africa selected the best Edtech organization in Kenya 2019 and represented the country in London amongst other 5 organizations in Africa from South Africa, Rwanda and Tanzania.

codeavour techkidz africa award


Project Description: STEM Under 7 done by Nuru Luhindi (Little Innovators School) and Jasin Owili ( Tech Kidz Africa) introduces children below 7 years to coding through the use of Mathematics and Computer science. We hope the app will inspire educators to introduce coding to learners below 7 years..

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Our partners

We are pleased to work with many partners. Those who work with us in the country include:

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