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We are a Technology Academy that natures curiosity in Children of ages 7 to 19 by training them on Robotics, Animation, Gaming, Coding, App & Web development, Creative design thinking and 3D Printing.

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The Techkidz Project

Since the emergence of technology, it has become a blessing in disguise.

Parents try to hide their phones, laptops and other internet-accessing gadgets in fear of their children learning pornography and more wrong/immoral things online.

On the other hand, more than 40% of youths joining the universities to undertake Science, Engineering and Technology related courses are few but graduate unskilled enough for job market.

Deetailed stats:

0M + Primary Students
0M + Secondary Students
0% Unemployed Youths

What we do

Tech Kidz Africa is a blended online and offline STEM Academy that bridges the gap between first world countries exposure to STEM and third world countries in the modern time revolution of knowledge and skills capacity to the upcoming generation.

We aim to nurture the spirit of innovativeness to children in Africa by training children and teenagers between 7 and 19years.

We customize software programs and hardware robotic kits for coaching children in Technology.

We empower children with powerful skills that help them design their own future through training them on:

  • coding
  • robotics
  • animation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Creative design thinking

Then expose them to possible opportunities locally and internationally on STEM related fields.

Who we work with

Tech Kidz Africa initiative works closely with:

  • Parents
  • Schools
  • Cooperates and Organizations

With interests in preparing a child in Africa for the future innovative structure predictions deemed to replace half of the existing jobs with technology by making sure they won’t be irrelevant, create innovations that will serve the core interest of the African setup positively and give them digital employability skills that will close the digital gap and illiteracy levels in the African sub-Saharan starting from Kenyan coast as the epicenter of our growth.

Objective Impact

  • To improve the quality of innovations amongst teenagers and children.
  • To direct the curious students mind in technology to the right content in technology and use constructively.
  • To create a different perspective towards science Technology Engineering and Mathematics fields.
  • Increase the numbers of students undertaking careers in Engineering, science and technology in the country.

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Upholding standards and code of ethics


Team Leaders

Techkidz thrive under the guidance, instruction, direction of our brilliant team leaders.

Paul Akwabi Techkidz Africa founder

Paul Akwabi

Founder and director

Every kid needs a little help and someone who beleives in them. Thats what techkidz is all about. Helping and believing in our kidz.

Jasin Owili Programs Manager Techkidz Africa

Jasin Owili

Programs Manager, TKA

Every kid has unprecedented potential. They way we bring them up determines who they will become in future

Aisha abdikadir techkidz africa staff

Ms Aisha Abdikadir

Asst. Curiculum Developer

Little kidz with dreams become leaders with vision