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Our results are second to none. We have already positively impacted the lives of several kidz.

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Charbel Ng’eti Selected at Lion’s Den

Charbel Ng’eti a 12 years who owns a tech company called Charbel Media, he is an intelligent,skilled and passionate kid and enjoys coding . Amongst the successful students to respond positively to our curriculum and give the best. He is amongst selected at Lion’ns Den an investor pitching forum and managed to convince the serial investors to invest in him.

Charbel looks upto becoming the next Jeff Bezos or Zuckerbag of Africa.

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Mathew Charo Develops a solution to help his colleagues revise science subjects

Mathew Charo a 12 years is a passionate and talented kid in school science and likes technology as well,he has come up with a solution to his colleugues on how to use a mobile application to revise science subject through usage of high graphical quality image and tricks for any student to be the best in science which apparently is his best subject.

He is inspired by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

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Noel Abungu

Noel Abungu is a form two student at Agha Khan high school with a daring spirit of assisting African retain their cuture and learn as many tribes as possible through a mobile application system which is able to also give a voice pronounciation so that the learner is able to have the accent.

He has been featured in news medias and currently working towards launching it.

Nevile Ngache

Nevile Ngache 11 years,a student at Nyali primary already launched his mobile application solution to assist parents get instant contacts to all the teachers without necessarily saving them on their phone and also be able to acces calendar of events so that to keep track on the activities going on in school, he is a polite and tech savvy kid who is looking forward to offer the same solution to other schools across the country as well.


Joseph a form one student at Frere Township secondary school has just changed how the teachers check the school time table for the classes, he has made it even easier for parents owning smartphones to be able to know what their children are learning in school, he has successfully launched the solution and the school is currently using it on pilot stage.

Atika Mula

Atika Mula a year 8 student at Agha Khan High School has dared to create a gaming community, his own website and youtube channel to promote safe gaming amongst children and also offer a chance for them to learn about cyber crimes and how to avoid and manage cyber bullying since it is amongst things that are affecting upcoming generation.

He has been featured in different medias and also selected among 4 best kids at Lion’s Den 2018 pitching before serial entreprenuers and gotten support.

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